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Jul 22

Laptop trouble-shooting

Laptops have (at least) 2 features that will make you think it’s broke:
1) The key combination of function button and F5 key together redirects screen output from your laptop lcd to the vga port (usually next to the PS2 and serial port on the rear, left and/or right edge) on a laptop. You …

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Apr 24

Creating and resizing file systems on RedHat Release 5.2

First,  always use logical volume manager.  You must create a filesystem before resizing it.  Since most advanced servers have hardware RAID, there is really no reason to have extra fault tolerance at the file system level.  Thus, do not create the journaling file system unless you are on a device with no hardware and firmware …

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Apr 23

Centralized Configuration Management: At What Cost

One of the hot-button technology topics is the desire to automate system administration tasks for organizations with medium to large scale server installations.  Obviously, not an issue for the small concern with a server or two, but as the number of servers increases, so do the effort and costs required to install, manage and maintain …

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