Jul 28

The Importance of a Sitemap 2

3) Site optimization purposes

When you create a sitemap, you are actually creating a single page which contains links to every single page on your site.

Imagine what happens when search engine robots hit this page — they will follow the links on the sitemap, and naturally, every single page of your site that you want to be visible will be indexed by the search engines!

It is also for this purpose that a link to the sitemap has to be placed prominently on the front page of your website, so people can see what your site is all about on one single page.

Conversely, if you don’t want a page to be found, for example, test pages of sales letters, and multiple versions of a rapid conversion landing page, then don’t include links to them in your site map.

If you have a free Google account, you can access the Google webmaster tools, which have information about how to set up your site map and give it to Google in order for it to be able to spider your site better.

They are also adding to the reports and statistics available about your site all the time. Once you add a little string of verification code in the metatag of your home page, the two way communication can begin. Within a day or so of my adding the code, my site was being spidered by Google every day.

Some sites can wait months or even years to be found by Google, so the site map and webmaster tools are ones you definitely want in your kit to help promote your site quickly, easily, and inexpensively.

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