Jul 29

The Importance of a Sitemap 3

4) Organization and relevance

A sitemap enables you to have a complete bird’s eye view of your site structure. Whenever you need to add new content or new sections, you will be able to take the existing hierarchy into consideration just by glancing at the sitemap.

You can see which areas need to be built out, and which completely new sections can be added as a result of a new product line or new marketing program.

As a result of having a site map, you will have a well-organized site with everything sorted according to its relevance.

5) Future Planning

Your sitemap will not only show you what is there, it  can also show you where gaps are in your overall offerings, which you might want to add to help develop a robust site.

If you use the Google webmaster tools in conjunction with your site map, you will also be able to see what keywords and searches are bringing visitors to your site.

This information will help you plan products, sales pitches, landing pages, even different navigation areas, based on the keywords they are using.

The webmaster tools will show you which rankings you have for your Top 20 keywords, and which rankings for the pages you click on.

Often, you will be surprised at the low click through rate on some words versus others, and even at what keywords are bringing them to your site in the first place.

Naturally, this information is only useful if it is acted upon. So any new areas of your site can be justified based on your knowledge of how they are finding your site, and what they most likely wish to do when they get there.

Conversely, if there is another part of the site that is taking ages to maintain but hardly anyone ever uses it, see if you can call better attention to it, roll the content in somewhere else, or give up on that area as not viable. If you test and track it and it doesn’t work, just move on.

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