Dec 07

The Project Manager’s Desk Reference

The Project Manager’s Desk Reference, Second Edition, by James P. Lewis, gives you a template for managing projects of any size from start to finish.

It is a 16-step process for planning, monitoring, and controlling any project. Whether you are a novice project manager, or a seasoned veteran, this book is an invaluable reference to have handy at all phases of a project.
It is written in non-technical English, with ample descriptions and examples that break down project methodologies into “bite-sized” pieces.

In The Project Manager’s Desk Reference, you will learn:

* How to confidently put together a project plan using Work Breakdown Structures, PERT, CPM, and Gantt schedules.

* How to conduct risk analysis

* How to assemble and manage a problem-solving team to eliminate potential stumbling blocks

* How to complete the project on time and within budget

If you’re an experienced project manager, this book presents some interesting and useful approaches to what you already do.

If you are new to project management, the book walks you through the principles of project management, risk analysis, resource and budget planning, execution and all the other areas of this exciting field.

If you are considering becoming a project manager, or you work in a service -based field such as Virtual Assistance or Consulting, this is also a great book to read.

The Project Manager’s Desk Reference

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