Jul 24

To SEO or To PPC? Some handy hints 9

There are some guaranteed benefits when you get to maximize the PPC strategy. The best thing is the speed—you can have a campaign up and running in a matter of minutes if you know what you are doing.

(This is also the down-side—you can lose your shirt if you don’t know what you are doing!)

You can test ads fast, find out what is working, test your landing pages, you can even take your successful on line ads and salesletters and PPC lets you advertise to the whole of the online community. It is also relatively easy to set up.

At first glance, PPC advertising may seem very expensive.

You might also be concerned about click fraud. Could someone maliciously keep clicking your ad?

Most adserver networks have safe-guards in place and are thus able to recognize fraudulent clicks.

In addition, you might want to protect yourself by only showing your ads on the search engines, not on their whole content network.

You can also set a budget for a certain period. The moment your budget has been used up by a number of clicks and your bids for that clicks, your ads will no longer be displayed until the next 24 hours period, or until you add more money to the account, whichever comes first.

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