Nov 16

Transcend 8GB SDHC CARD with card reader

With most people utilizing digital cameras today, technology has surged in providing newer and larger memory capacity.

Transcend has come out with an 8GB Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) Card that plugs into the USB port of most of the newer model cameras.

If you know anything about memory cards, you will agree that an 8GB card can store thousands of pictures. Moreover, the card can hold an entire DVD movie; it can be used as a backup for files on your computer; and can store thousands of music files in your MP3.

Even better, the tiny USB card reader makes transferring files onto the computer a snap.

The Transcend Card includes such features as:

* Technology – Secure Digital High-Capacity (SDHC)

* Manufacturer Warranty – 2 Years

* – Compatible with all SDHC-labeled host devices (not compatible with standard SD)

* – Easy to use, plug-and-play operation

* Type: Secure Digital High Capacity Card

* Memory Size: 8GB

* Write Speed: N/A

* Size (L x W x H): SD: 0.8″ x 0.8″ x 0.05″

* SDHC (SD High-Capacity) is the new generation of SD cards (Version 2.0)

* Formatted in FAT32, SDHC cards reach a maximum capacity of 32GB and can fulfill the high-capacity demand of the new SDHC devices such as Casio Exilim Z1000/Z600/S600 cameras, Panasonic DMC-L1 camera, and HP printer A/B.

Consumers who have purchased this card are delighted with this inexpensive yet powerful memory card and the fact that it is so versatile.

Most, however, have used this card for their Canon SD1000 digital camera, as well as other cameras that have SDHC compatibility.

As computer technology has surged over the years, more companies are designing peripherals which make it easier and more affordable to work at home, at the office, and elsewhere.

With wireless laptops becoming more popular than desktops, the convenience of not having to remain at a computer desk has brought about a change in computer operations worldwide.

As you know, the amount of memory in a computer is critical to maintaining important files both large and small.

With the advent of memory sticks, we can do away with external hard drives and utilize the SanDisk’s or Transcend Cards that are available today.

Whether we use these cards for cameras, laptops, desktops, or other peripherals, there is no doubt that more and more products offering a more practical solution to cables and wires affords everyone an opportunity to enjoy electronic products to the max.

The Transcend 8GB SDHC card is the latest innovation that will afford you enough memory for your camera, computer, or MP3 to last a lifetime.

Transcend 8GB SDHC card –buy now

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