May 22

Virtual Smart Agent Live Tech Support Software

So … what is Virtual Smart Agent and how can it benefit you?

This technology is so new … it almost looks like science fiction! VSA
is the world’s FIRST stand-alone Virtual Sales Agent.

It enables you to put an automated chat solution on your website WITHOUT having to pay someone else for the service…

It works for you 24/7, 365 a year, to help convert browsers into buyers and boost your bottom line.

And like all great salespeople, it’s possible for you to train your virtual agent about your particular business. Best of all, you can track sales, split-test the results, and even build your email customer opt-in list on autopilot thanks to all of VSA’s robust features!

This technological masterpiece has already been PROVEN to boost sales by up

to 40%, and the marketers who manage to get their hands on it are going to

be at a huge competitive advantage.

Not only does it boost sales, but it can also build your list on autopilot,

and even increase your affiliate commissions.

It’s basically like having your own virtual “employee” that never sleeps. It

just keeps working for you and building your business 24/7 with no breaks, 365 days a year.

Dave Guindon, the product owner, is also an experienced online marketer as well as an advanced software developer. So he knows how to deliver quality products along with your marketing needs, and how to use the products to your best advantage.

Not many product owners even attempt to over-deliver as much as Dave does!

Here is a short list of the powerful features the
VSA software provides:

  • Increase your website conversions up to 20-40% in a little as 2 weeks!
  • Dramatically reduce your shopping cart abandonment.
  • Instantly increase the value of each website visitor.
  • Improve your website visitor’s experience (builds trust and repeat business).
  • Increase your customer loyalty and overall satisfaction.
  • Quickly grow a highly responsive opt-in list of interested prospects.
  • Reduce labor costs.
  • Save time by reducing questions and support requests.
  • Up-sell or cross-sell similar and/or additional products to boost your revenue.
  • Find out WHY customers are leaving your site.
  • One installation works on ALL your websitesboost your entire business!
  • Builds your opt-in list on autopilot!
  • Auto follow-up emails to your web visitors after they leave your chats!
  • And a lot more …

Best of all, Dave Guindon offers an unbelievable LIFETIME money back guarantee!

So you basically have nothing to lose … I sure didn’t! The training is excellent to get you started, the software works great, and I use it every day for all my websites.

Order now, download in minutes, boost your sales today

Thanks for Reading,

Siobhan M.

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