May 17

What is Content?

Website content is anything which appears on the webpage, from the words on the page itself, to the artwork and ads that go into creating the whole page in its entirety, to audio, podcasts, or slideshows. It depends on the topic of the site, and the nature of the products being offered, whether music, information, artwork, etc.

Taking the website as a whole, content will also include the navigational links that help your visitor find their way through your site.

If content is king, organization is queen when it comes to content. I have been on the net for well over a decade now, and we have seen sites evolve from black background and gray lettering you could hardly read, with loads of flash presentations when they became the fashion, to much more slick, streamlined sites, with persistent site-wide navigation on all pages, search boxes, and special features like video, audio, podcasts, RSS feeds and more.

The ONE thing that ALL of these items have in common are words. Yes, even the pictures and art on your site, the audio files, all need to be NAMED something. That name, or keyword, is what will help the search engines find you. As we discuss in the SEO area, if content is king, keywords are the servants who will bring a never-ending stream of visitors to the castle you have created.

Not all of them will be satisfied with their visit. It might not match up to their expectations, what they are looking for.

However, if they take the trouble to visit, you don’t want them wandering around the castle lost or frustrated. And if there isn’t enough compelling content, they won’t stay, let alone become a repeat visitor.

So when you are organizing all of your content files for your site, make sure your use accurate, descriptive keywords in the title of every component of your page. Use alt tags and title tags as well, to provide more information, and help users who are visually challenged, or who might have the artwork on your page turned off in their browser.

You might think that many of these elements are invisible, but take our word for it, both human visitors, and the search engine spiders will be able to read your content. So what does your content say about your site? Slick and professional, or sloppy and amateurish?

Keywords bring visitors to your site through search engine results, pay per click ads, links from other websites, which will use words to describe your site, banner ads, which will also have words on them, reviews, free article sites, blogs…. The list goes on, but the one thing they all have in common are WORDS.

You may have the greatest Powerpoint presentation in the world, or flash, but without keyworded content, it is just a bunch of pretty pictures.

So in this topic area, we will be talking about content, what it is and how to develop it, or find it. And how you can get other people to create it for you if you feel you lack the time, skill or ability to be able to do it all yourself. There are many ways to get content. You can’t have a website without it.

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