Jul 22

What is Friend Feed?

What is Friend Feed?

In 2007 FriendFeed entered beta testing, and on February 25th, 2008, after raising $5 million, they managed to launch their service.

Ever since, everyone has been  talking about how great FriendFeed is.

Voices in the market say FriendFeed is the Twitter of 2008, the hot startup everyone is talking about, but to be honest, it is just another tool in an already frenzied widget marketplace.

There are other places that have better ideas, but FriendFeed wins when it comes to accessibility and easy usability.

For example, you can add different accounts from blogs or other social networking services, and FriendFeed will aggregate them all so that your friends can “follow” you and see what you’re up to.

But wait, isn’t this exactly what you can do on Twitter? Yep.

But like all widgets, there are people who will swear it is the best thing ever, and become groupies. And perhaps a bit of healthy competition in the marketplace is always a good thing.

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