May 31

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a scripting language developed by Netscape. JavaScript can make web pages more animated and dynamic in terms of graphics and navigation. One of the most common graphic JavaScript effects is called a mouseover, and Javascript navigation is commonly created using drop-down menus.
When JavaScript is included in an HTML file it relies upon the browser to interpret the JavaScript.
There are many different scripts, mostly available for free, which perform certain functions within your page to help give it more functionality, or a more polished look.
For example, if you want your site to look more current and up to date, you could set a time stamp in JavaScript that would reflect the date on your site.
Javascripts are handy, but can be difficult to maintain because, as we said above, they rely on the internet browser your visitor is using to render the script accurately and show it correctly without generating one of those frustrating little error messages I am sure we have all seen at one time or another.
Correcting a script is called de-bugging.

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