Aug 22

Your Top 10 Security Steps to Protect Your Data, Part 1

In order to try to protect your valuable corporate information, you need to try to ensure that your database files, host computers, workstations, and the networks that access them are ALL safe from theft and corruption.
It may sound like a tall order, but the following is a check list, with further details below.

Your Top 10 Security Steps
1. • Ensure physical security
2. • Ensure operating system security
3. • Establish network security
4. • Devise a plan for securing your databases, communicate that plan to all those with access, and follow up on that plan
5. • Restrict data access with accounts and privilege sets
6. • Back up databases and other important files regularly
7. • Install, run, and upgrade anti-virus software regularly
8. • Test your security measures regularly
9. • Re-assess and improve security measures regularly, and communicate any changes or improvements to all users
10. • Upgrade to the latest database version for their security enhancements regularly
1. Ensure physical security
Evaluate your computers to make sure they are physically secure:
• The host computer should be a dedicated machine, anchored to a desk or immovable object with a lock. Secure the computer so that the hard drive cannot be removed. Restrict access to the computer by storing it in a locked room or cabinet.
• Secure the client workstations that access a database. Lock the computers down, and restrict access to each one by using a screensaver that requires a password.
• Ensure the physical security of backup copies of files stored on portable media, such as tapes and CDs. Back up regularly, and make sure they are not overwritten using the same tapes/CDS over and over again. Make sure you choose a system which will allow easy access to the data.

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