• Linux Performance PLUS Security Risk Mitigation: CentOS minimal 7.2 SELINUX Enabled HVM AWS EC2 AMI (Amazon Machine Image)

  • Secure All-In-One LAMP Stack Server: CentOS 7.2 LAMP SeLinux Enforcing HVM AMI (Amazon Machine Image) 

  • Ubuntu Yakkety Performance PLUS Security Risk Mitigation: Ubuntu Server 16.10 SELINUX Enabled HVM AWS EC2 AMI (Amazon Machine Image)

    - Hardware Virtualized Machine (HVM) now runs FASTER in most cases than Paravirtualized (PV) 

    - Ubuntu 16.10 & CentOS 7.2 SELinux enforcing with ec2-user context are two of the most secure AMI in Amazon

    -  There are 346 CentOS and Ubuntu SeLinux enforcing AMI subscribers today who know performance AND security is vital  to their business and job security.  Are you secure? 

  • AWS subscribers eligible for hourly, monthly or yearly support contracts on their CentOS AMI products.

  • AWS E-Commerce (AWS Architect and Magento Support): see Eyefly for example

  • TERRAFORM: see a published open-source example

  • Android (Java) Development: see our Google Play Android Apps

Percussive power.

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