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About TLC

Technology Leadership LLC is an consultancy company for small- to large-scale businesses interested in establishing a content or e-commerce presence on the Internet and making the most of the technology available to increase efficiency and profits.

We are based in New York City, and can offer consulting services in the following areas:

  • technology
  • security
  • computing
  • finance
  • Internet tools
  • software
  • emerging technologies


Andrew Simon

Technology Leadership founder and President Andrew Simon pioneered the use of LINUX for both PC Client Workstations as well as high-availability server platforms as head of a team of Senior LINUX professionals empowered in 2001 to deliver custom built Linux trading terminals and OEM servers for NYSE Group.  Andrew was deploying LINUX solutions in extremely critical business functions for the financial industry before RedHat was even a public company.

In January 2011, he launched Technology Leadership Corporation and began a rich and robust technology engineering and consulting practice.  Andrew began developing Android Apps (java applications) for various publishers, and making these Droid apps available to customers right now at the Google Play. His apps includes the free People’s Index which is a client-server Market Data platform to calculate and publish “The People’s Stock Index“, a stock list of 10 tracked stocks for business author Jeff Hamilton.  All of his apps can be seen here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Technology+Leadership,+LLC

Though a proficient coder, Andrew’s ITIL background and focus on best-practices always kept him very active in resolving the most complex problems involving security, audit, review, testing, reliability, accountability, scalability, redundancy and risk assessment.  Much of the ‘how’ regarding how these objectives are achieved in a real world scenario is through operating in a ‘Service As Code’ model. From that model, the ‘Infrastructure As A Service’, ‘Platform As A Service’, and ‘Software As A Service’ models emerge. The Service As Code model requires service parameters and methodology to be stored as repeatable machine code and Configuration Items in a software repository, While focusing on Internet WEB architecture and cloud hosting technologies, configuration management becomes the mechanism, tool set, and discipline that ultimately delivers on the Code As Service concept.