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Apr 18

Investment and Financing Strategies: Raising Start-Up Capital

by Jeff Hamilton and Evelyn Trimborn Raising start-up capital to launch your own company can be one of the most daunting aspects of starting a business. For many passionate individuals who are full of great ideas and enthusiasm who want to start their own business, it can seem an almost impossible hurdle. Sadly, many businesses …

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Aug 29

Are there any safe investments today? 9

Angel Investing For simplicity, angel investing is any investing that is not for one of the purposes listed above. Angels invest in businesses, individuals or even just an idea. The scope of investments is limitless. One common characteristic of an angel investment is it rarely involves a short-term, one-time sale. The word “angel” investor came …

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Aug 28

Are there any safe investments today? 8

Real Estate Real estate is not too different of an investment from some commodities, like gold or oil. The big difference again being the time or duration of the investment. Gold or oil can be exchanged daily. Real estate must be held at least a few weeks for closing, renovations and resale. More likely, a …

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Aug 27

Are there any safe investments today? 7

US Treasury Bonds Treasuries, as they are called, are a very safe investment – but safe only at protecting the original principal. In the long run, with any significant inflation, most recent Treasury issues, with their paltry rates of return, will be big money losers. In the short-term, with extreme volatility in the markets, US …

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Aug 26

Are there any safe investments today? 6

Exchange Traded Funds Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are traded like equities, but they carry very different risks and rewards to actual shares. They are less risky because they are comprised of a basket of stocks, usually either tracking a popular index like the S & P, 500 or culled from a particular industry sector, like …

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