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Jul 07

Your Recession Survival Guide

Your Recession Survival Guide

Discover the best ways to cope with the recession, including 63 money-saving tips to use every day, how to plan a budget you can live with, how to turn recession into opportunity, and more.

Jul 05

Book Review: Information Marketing Success

Learn how to sell information online for new ways of using your expertise and additional streams of revenue.

Jul 22

Knowing When Angel Investing is Good for Investor and Business Alike

Written By Jeff Hamilton. 46 Pages ORDER NOW: $7.99 (US)

ORDER NOW: $7.99 (US)

Dec 12

Scam & Swindles -Book Review

Scams & Swindles: Phishing, Spoofing, ID Theft, Nigerian Advance Schemes Investment Frauds: How to Recognize And Avoid Rip-Offs In The Internet Age The Internet Era has created a whole class of frauds and schemes that separate people from their money. It’s also given new life to older cons and scams. From Phishing to Spoofing, to …

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Dec 07

The Project Manager’s Desk Reference

The Project Manager’s Desk Reference, Second Edition, by James P. Lewis, gives you a template for managing projects of any size from start to finish. It is a 16-step process for planning, monitoring, and controlling any project. Whether you are a novice project manager, or a seasoned veteran, this book is an invaluable reference to …

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