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May 16

Online Security Tips for Your Ecommerce Site

By Andrew Simon and Jeff Hamilton If you are an online business owner, chances are that you are so preoccupied with struggling to make money in this economy, you have very little time to spare to consider online security. That is EXACTLY what cyber criminals are hoping for so they can make your website their …

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Jul 07

Keeping Your Computer Anti-Virus Software Up To Date

Discover why keeping your computer antivirus software is so important and the best ways to protect your computer.

Nov 12

Shared library permission fix for HP Openview on RHL SELINUX

chcon -c system_u:object_r:textrel_shlib_t /opt/OV/lib/
/usr/sbin/semanage fcontext -a -t textrel_shlib_t /opt/OV/lib/

Apr 21

Easy Linux server iptables configuration

Learn how to enable your local, internal firewall on your Linux server.

Oct 11

Build security into your systems part 11

XML considerations
XML and XSLT stylesheets are becoming the industry standard for the access, distribution, and presentation of data. With databases which permit web publishing, stylesheets can be used to remove or modify meta-data in XML files sent to web users (for example, to hide field names), or to statically define query string parameters …

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