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Mar 14

Beyond Blogging: Using WordPress to Build Your Business

by Joan Mullally and Andrew Simon WordPress is one of the most convenient free programs available to help you create an attractive, well-organized website. Most people use WordPress for blogging, with great results. In this guide, however, the popular marketing authors guide you step-by-step through some of the best ways to go beyond blogging with …

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Jan 10

15 Top WordPress Plugins for Professional Bloggers

by Joan Mullally and Andrew Simon One of the best aspects of WordPress blogging software is the ease with which it can perform a wide variety of functions, expanding its capabilities far beyond a simple website. The right plugins can transform WordPress from a powerful content management system into a complete business solution, integrating your …

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Jul 06

Blogging with WordPress, Part 1

wordpress logo

Learn more about Blogging with Wordpress, to get started creating your own great site.

May 19

WP cplugin for Writers and Bloggers

First, get the latest wordpress plugin and save it on your local PC/MAC The Word Press Consultant’s Plugin was created by me for a friend of mine who is a talented writer and trusting blogger and website creator.  Some hosers on elance screwed her out of her fees. After she installed WordPress, themes and …

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May 18

Blogging with WordPress Part 10

Your blog-personal, business, or both?
If your blog is just a place for you to let  off steam and chat, it probably does not make any difference how funky the design is.
If you are using it for corporate purposes, you will most likely need to tweak some of the templates to get …

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