Jul 14

Cloud Computing Infrastructure Implementation

Cloud Management Expertise

Cloud computing and Amazon Web Services can benefit your organization. Yet, beyond servers on-demand, a truly robust infrastructure design requires detailed knowledge of application resource management, operational scheduling, system monitoring, and highly automated multiple-zone availability and testing strategies.

Customers of the Amazon Elastic Cloud can still suffer catastrophic failure despite the cloud’s fault tolerance. Past and future failures occur where infrastructure services are implemented without skillful design and testing.

Senior and executive level managers know that technological design expertise and experience cannot be written into an API. What they don’t know is that even their seasoned Linux Engineers (not to mention Windows Administrators) and their managers/directors lack the design, operational, and testing skills needed to implement cloud deployments as effectively as they should be.

Let TLC’s seasoned consulting professionals build the bridge between the cloud and your organization, at a reasonable price. We can get you started right away in:

  • Design for Fault-tolerant Applications
  • Infrastructure Design for Building Highly Available Applications
  • Employ Best Practices for Hosting Your Applications in the Cloud
  • Utilizing Cloud Specific Characteristics such as Elasticity
  • Serial / Parallel Processing and Scheduling Across Hundreds or Even Thousands of Nodes

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