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Aug 29

Are there any safe investments today? 9

Angel Investing For simplicity, angel investing is any investing that is not for one of the purposes listed above. Angels invest in businesses, individuals or even just an idea. The scope of investments is limitless. One common characteristic of an angel investment is it rarely involves a short-term, one-time sale. The word “angel” investor came …

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Jul 22

Knowing When Angel Investing is Good for Investor and Business Alike

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Nov 22

Angel Investors 8

Your business plan continued Your marketing plan
ß overall strategy
ß pricing
ß advertising
ß promotion
ß distribution Design and development plans
ß product/service improvement
ß new products/services Manufacturing and operations plans
ß geographic location
ß facilities
ß capacity improvements Management team
ß organization …

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Nov 20

Angel Investors 7

Angel Investors 7 Your business plan Before you approach an angel, your business plan should include: An executive summary
ß description of the business
ß opportunity and strategy
ß target market
ß projections
ß competitive advantages The industry’s prospects
ß Statistics for previous years
ß Forecasts and projections …

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Nov 18

Angel Investors 6

What Angels Expect continued In order to protect their investment, angels often ask the business to agree to not take certain actions without the angel investor’s approval. These include: ß Selling all or substantially all of the company’s assets ß Issuing additional stock to existing management ß Selling stock below prices paid by the investors …

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