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Mar 21

Getting Your Business Ready for the Mobile Revolution: Why You Need to Make Your Content Mobile-Friendly NOW

by Joan Mullally and Andrew Simon The mobile revolution is already here, and gaining momentum. Mobile phones, Smartphones, tablet computers, note books, netbooks, mobile devices are all around us, and mobile device users are always on the go. They want to live their lives on their terms, and do it NOW. From emailing to social …

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Mar 14

Beyond Blogging: Using WordPress to Build Your Business

by Joan Mullally and Andrew Simon WordPress is one of the most convenient free programs available to help you create an attractive, well-organized website. Most people use WordPress for blogging, with great results. In this guide, however, the popular marketing authors guide you step-by-step through some of the best ways to go beyond blogging with …

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Jan 17

3 MOBILE MYTHS, 3 MOBILE MUSTS: A Beginner’s Guide to Growing Your Business by Making It Mobile-Friendly

By Joan Mullally and Andrew Simon **Is YOUR business ready for the mobile revolution?** It seems like everyone is talking about mobile devices these days, but what does it all mean for YOUR business? If it all sounds very complicated and you are not sure where to start in order to put your brand or …

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Jan 03

10 iPhone Apps to Boost Your Online Business Productivity

by Andrew Simon and Thomas Michaels There are hundreds of thousands of iPhone apps. How can you tell which ones can help you boost your business productivity and work more efficiently?  The authors guide you through the bewildering maze of apps to help you find the best ones to run your online business. The apps …

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