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Oct 11

Build security into your systems part 11

XML considerations
XML and XSLT stylesheets are becoming the industry standard for the access, distribution, and presentation of data. With databases which permit web publishing, stylesheets can be used to remove or modify meta-data in XML files sent to web users (for example, to hide field names), or to statically define query string parameters …

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Oct 09

Build security into your systems part 10

Using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) security for web publishing
The SSL protocol is a standardized method for allowing encrypted and authenticated communication between web servers and clients (web browsers). SSL encryption is only available to databases hosted on a server, and is enabled in the web server application, such as Microsoft Internet Information Server …

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Oct 07

Build security into your systems part 9

Web server security
The web server application performs the critical task of processing and fulfilling requests for data when you publish databases, images, and other content on the web. When users enter a web address into their browser, they are requesting the web server software at that address to locate data or an image …

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Oct 05

Build security into your systems part 8

Protecting your databases from web-based attacks
Start by reviewing the security procedures explained in this article thus far.
Always remember that your host computer is both your connection to the outside world and, if unprotected, the outside world’s connection to your internal network. Make sure that you verify the following:
•For web-shared …

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Oct 03

Build security into your systems part 7

8. Do not store database files or any sensitive data in the Web folder (or sub-folders).
9. Enable log files to track the IP address of users who are accessing your web published files (as well as the date and time of requests, and other options). Check these logs to make sure there is …

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