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Oct 23

Google versus yahoo for sponsored search (PPC) relevance

Yahoo recently offered some useful pointers as to how to make one’s pages more relevant according to their search engine. While there were some positive comments on the blog post, the majority of people either attacked, or came up with such moronic comments I am beginning to wonder what planet most people live on. Assuming …

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Jul 15

Google Slap? Slap Google Back

Slap Google Back http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20080715/bs_afp/uscompanyitcompetitionmicrosoftyahoogoogle_080715192513 Is coverage of the Google-Yahoo intended deal re advertising by Google on both networks. If you have ever been slapped by Google, as I have just last week, where they would have shut me down had my Yahoo ads not been working (and they are still demanding $5 or $10 a …

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Jul 12

Google Reader 3

Google Reader 3 Google reader is handy for an number of other reasons as well. Google Reader, being an intuitive Google product, will also make recommendations based on feeds you’ve already subscribed to. For example, if you subscribe to a large number of environmentally conscious blogs, then your Google Reader may recommend a like-minded blog, …

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Jul 10

Google Reader 2

Google Reader 2 To use Google Reader you have several options.  When you are browsing online and you come across a site you’re interested in subscribing to, simply click on their subscribe button. Most often if you have Google Reader installed, your computer will recognize that, and you’ll be given the option to view the …

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