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Nov 01

Do It Yourself Asset Management 9

12. Consider FOREX
Forex, foreign exchange, is trying to predict whether certain currencies, like the dollar, will go up or down against other currencies, like the pound or Euro. The beauty of it is, there are about 6 key pairs, and you can make money if it goes up or down, if you ride …

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Oct 31

Do It Yourself Asset Management 8

10. Watch out for signs of Market Wrecking: Intentional Market Wrecking is done by rich and super-rich stock owners. It starts with the sale of some huge block of stock or portfolio. Such a sale will automatically start the entire market on a downward spiral. The original seller can sop selling after a 5 or …

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Oct 30

Do It Yourself Asset Management 7

8. How you are making money There is a saying, “You make your money when you buy. Not when you sell.” This means that if you buy something cheap enough, you can’t fail to make money later when it appreciates and you decide to sell it. Another idea is this: “It’s not money until you …

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Oct 29

Do It Yourself Asset Management 6

7. Ask other people for advice Do not be ashamed to ask people for advice or recommendations. Start with the people that you know. Ask friends or colleagues. If you know people who are good in business, approach them. They will be wells of information. This is because they are probably doing their investing themselves …

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Oct 28

Do It Yourself Asset Management 5

6. Avoid buying “on margin” and leveraging: A big factor in the stock market crash of 1929 was buying “on margin.” This is a term meaning that a stock is bought on credit, where the buyer might put up 10% of the price and was actually taking out a loan for the other 90%. After …

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