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Jun 12

Blocking Spyware and Adware 4

You will find many popular software programs for adware blockers. In some cases, your computer may even have come pre-loaded with a anti-spyware or adware software. The most common brands include Norton Antivirus and McAfee VirusScan. They also block viruses, and you need to usually upload updates to keep your computer up to date. As …

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Jun 11

Blocking Spyware and Adware 3

While there are some people who like seeing these ads, the majority of people prefer to have the option of choosing the ads they look at.  Again, they want to search for information, not have stuff they are not interested in at a shoved in their face. Since I am totally allergic to caffeine, there …

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Jun 10

Blocking Spyware and Adware 2

Spyware, as the name suggests, spies on your computer in various ways. It can be relatively innocent, such as keeping track of what you have searched for at the Amazon site,  in order to serve up topics and products you are interested in, to make more intuitive suggestions about what you want, to programs which …

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Jun 09

Blocking Spyware and Adware 1

Many of us use computers in our daily lives, for all aspects of our life, from our job to to keeping our personal life organized, to socializing and entertainment. Computers are created to help us in our workday tasks, but as we spend more and more time online, they can seem more of a blessing …

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