Feb 17

Start in Amazon’s Cloud with TLC

Amazon EC2 consulting

Amazon’s Elastic Cloud Computing (EC2) services are the next major technology wave invigorating and re-inventing American businesses big and small, and for good reason. With ability to deploy and re-deploy hardware and server configurations nearly instantaneously (and some automatically), along with charges for only the services and servers actually in-use, it removes the need for most businesses to provision their own data center (or expand existing ones), or pay for expensive hardware upgrades during ever increasingly rapid hardware churn.

The challenge, of course, is understanding the components underlying EC2 and leveraging the tools out there to effectively manage them. Technology Leadership, LLC (TLC) has provided this white paper free of charge, which includes the first steps on how to engage TLC quickly to begin hosting in the cloud.

The white paper does not cover the actual contract with TLC, as these contracts differ greatly based on their corporation’s needs and the level of their own in-house expertise. But, it provides the rationale for picking AWS EC2, utilizing the Chef Configuration Management tool set, and why account creation and management by TLC can be the easiest and quickest way to get started.

Click this link to download the white paper.

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