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Nov 24

Fix yum hang on CentOS

ls -l /var/lib/rpm rm -f /var/lib/rpm/__db* rpm -vv –rebuilddb rm /var/run/ yum yum clean all OPTIONAL: yum update

Aug 14

Capture and convert live AVCHD output to MP4

Capture and create MP4 from live AVCHD video camcorder using ffmpeg. This is an example using the AVCHD input from a SONY or PANASONIC HD camera on Windows. I use cygwin so I can create pipes or automate things in Windows. I use ffmpeg.exe to grab the video from the camera and convert/re-encode to other formats …

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Jul 26

du without the du command

Print the number of bytes of storage capacity the current directory recursively uses:

ls -lR $1 | grep -v ^d | awk ‘{total+=$5;} END {print total;}’

Oct 21

Unix Cheat Sheet

Turn off color in vi 

:syntax off


Line count output (rate) per 1 second (e.g. to determine # of apache web requests at 1 second intervals)

tail -f access.log|perl -e ‘while (<>) {$l++;if (time > $e) {$e=time;print “$l\n”;$l=0}}’


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May 22

Change Apache Continuum admin password via Database

PROBLEM: When you forget the Apache Continuum admin password and you cannot use the ‘reset password’ link because 1) you do not have access to the email account that admin account mail goes to, 2) your system does not send emails, or 3) the admin account is locked; you should still be able to unlock …

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